Vinyl Styl Turntables - Available Now!

Vinyl Styl Turntables - Available Now!

The new range of goodies from Vinyl Styl is now available to buy from Nice Stuff.

We have:

Record Players

Record Storage Case

Vinyl Cleaning Products

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The Steepletone Story

The Steepletone Story

The Company commenced trading in the early Seventies (1972) and was founded by Chairman Tony Tyler. Steepletone is a UK based company, with a Head Office located in Northamptonshire near the Silverstone Racing Circuit.

In the early years of trading as Steepletone, the company's key products were Record Players and Music Centres, which were made in an old converted Cinema. Unlike many other brands/importers, the pedigree of being an actual manufacturer means Steepletone understand what it takes to make a good product and the components used to make it work for daily use.

In the Eighties Steepletone moved its manufacturing to the Far East to remain competitive in the market place. An office was formed in the region, which plays a significant role in maintaining product development, design, packaging, production and, of course, the very important role of Quality Control to ensure a high level of out-of-box reliability.

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Ten Best Record Players Under 100

Ten Best Record Players Under £100

From The Independent Friday 18 July 2014

Vinyl records are experiencing a resurgence in a big way. Giles Bidder has a listen to find the sweetest-sounding players on the market while still leaving you some cash to grow your collection

For many of us, a house isn’t a home without a record player. The ongoing resurgence of record labels re-pressing your favourite LPs and 45’s vinyl sales are now at a 15-year high - as well as new releases, means there are tons of new record players on the market for affordable prices.

So whether it’s Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ or Arctic Monkeys’ AM you’re looking to spin on a new stereo, we’ve found good-value, quality sounding machines. From iTek’s USB-compatible turntable for under £40 up to Crosley’s stylish portable version, we reckon you’ll find one that fuel your record-obsession.


The GPO Style is the choise of the writer at the Independent, followed by mention of the Crosley Cruiser "cool-looking portable record player which looks and sounds good anywhere you put it."

1. GPO Stylo

2. Crosley Cruiser

3. Auna TT-92B Turntable Record Player

4. iTek i60007 USB turntable

5. Steepletone Norwich

6. Encode 3 speed record player

7. PylePro Retro Belt Drive

8. ION Duo Deck USB with tape player

9. Steepletone Chichester II/L

10. ION Max LP Conversion Turntable with Stereo Speakers
Genuine John Deere Toys, Merchandise and more...!

Genuine John Deere Toys, Merchandise and more...!

Whether you’re looking for a John Deere cap, die-cast tractor, scale model toy, we can supply a great selection of John Deere merchandise. Children of all ages (and big kids too!) always enjoy playing with classic quality toys and merchandise. The John Deere Collection has
a range of detailed collectible models, toys and ride-ons for kids, attractive John Deere clothing lines & other authentic merchandise from John Deere.
Record Store Day - Top 10 for 2015

Record Store Day - Top 10 for 2015

Rank Title Artist Label
1 Get Behind Me Satan The White Stripes Third Man Records
2 No Life Til Leather Metallica Blackened
3 Bust No Moves Run The Jewels Mass Appeal
4 Changes David Bowie Rhino
5 Alex Chilton The Replacements Rhino
6 Meet Me In The City The Black Keys Fat Possum
7 Untethered Moon Built to Spill Warner Bros.
8 I Love You, Honeybear Father John Misty Sub Pop
9 The Basement Tapes Bob Dylan Other Peoples Music
10 Dark Globe Syd Barrett/R.E.M. Rhino
People who still use old gadgets

People who still use old gadgets

According to the BBC, fashion is cyclical and technology is no exception - the current trend in gadgetry is for retro-styled pieces that remind us of our childhoods. But some people have never let them go. Let's find out why.

As a child growing up near the BBC's Alexandra Palace studios, John Thompson became fascinated at an early age about what went on inside and by his teens he was mending old tellies at school.

He now has 20 black and white TV sets at his home in Enfield, north London, and is one of just 11,500 households still watching black and white sets in the UK, according to TV Licensing.

Laura Millward bought a camera in a charity shop about eight years ago but then faced a problem - Polaroid had stopped making the film and only film past its use-by date was available on eBay.

"The film will still develop but it'll be a lot more faded. But it's nice in a way - the colours are more reminiscent of the 1970s."

While in their heyday, Polaroids developed before your eyes in as little as 20 seconds, Ms Millward must now keep her photos in the dark in her pocket for up to 40 minutes.
So why not click away on a digital camera?

"Because each film is expensive and hard to find, you treasure the photo, even if it comes out a little bit wrong."

Luckily on Nice Stuff, we have lots of retro themed tech which is also brand new and fully compatible with modern times.
Teenager with his own vinyl record label

Teenager with his own vinyl record label

From The Guardian

Wow this is amazing! One of America's more unconventional record label owners is a really big fan of vinyl, and uses the money he generates to get new records pressed - he isn’t all that concerned with the bottom line of his enterprise.

Jarrett Koral didn’t get into the record business to make lots of cash. Besides, he has plenty of other concerns. Like keeping his school grades up.

Meet the 17-year-old high school pupil and founder of Jett Plastic Recordings, a fledgling label that for this year’s Record Store Day put out a seven-inch release from actor Macaulay Culkin’s Velvet Underground cover band and has around a half dozen releases still to come by year’s end. Jarrett practically grew up around physical records - his uncle owns Detroit’s Melodies and Memories shop, and the accelerated path he took to distributing the kind of music that ends up on turntables rather than digital playlists came after a personal sacrifice.

Koral sold off some of his personal record collection to come up with the money to pay for his first pressing, a seven-inch from Detroit band After Dark Amusement Park. That was towards the end of 2012, preceding a renewed interest in vinyl from the record-buying public that’s keeping a steady stream of orders coming in to labels like his.

"I still have school, but I pretty much devote all my time to the label, Koral tells the Guardian Newspaper. "Shipping orders, packing orders, doing promotions online, contacting news outlets - even just talking to the musicians takes a lot of time.

"I know it sounds corny, but the label is mainly me trying to put out what I like and want to get other people to listen to. What I was trying to do is let them have an outlet for their music. I was just trying to help out."

GPO Vinyl Record Cases

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